Bank Of America Online Banking Review

bank-of-america-logoOnline banking, like most services on the Internet, has altered the way people go about their daily lives. In the past, bank hours were a major concern. You would often find yourself rushing to the bank on a lunch break in order to make a transaction, or waking up early on the weekend to deposit your paycheck. Internet banking has made it possible to bank at anytime from almost anywhere.

Features of Bank of America Online Banking
As one of the major financial institutions in America, Bank of America has one of the most comprehensive online banking services. Whether you use B of A for personal checking, credit card services, or both, their free online services include the capacity to check your balance, transfer money between accounts, order new checkbooks, and even view virtual images of your paper checks you’ve written and paper account statements you’ve received.

At Bank of America, however, managing your current accounts online only represents the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, perhaps the most impressive element of Bank of America’s Online Banking is the ease with which account holders can pay all manner of bills–automatically and for free. Whether you need to make an individual payment or you want to set up recurring payments so you never have to worry about being late, B of A has you covered. And their Online Banking Guarantee ensures not only that your payments will be made on time, but also that your personal information will remain completely secure during the process.

In fact, security is so critical to Bank of America that they are introducing yet another level of security to their Online Banking system: SiteKey?. SiteKey helps customers avoid the perils of phishing and identity theft, by using personalized images and secret “challenge questions” to prove that you are truly on B of A’s site, and that B of A recognizes you as a legitimate customer, as well. These new features mean that you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of online banking and the security you require to enjoy it.