Craigslist Seller Security Breach Hits Your Inbox

If you are a money making Craigslist seller online and received an email from make sure that you do not click the link. The email sent to us today in our seller account email noted that we are trusted already yet we need to register our ip address. The link they want us to click on goes to a fraudulent link that is not even related to Craigslist sellers accounts. There is so much fraud on the web that you always need to make sure you put your mouse over the link to see where it goes before you click on it. Maybe cut and paste it into a notepad or text window first. Remember that no emails containing links should be trusted 100%.

Dear Craigslist Seller,

Craigslist has update the security program in other to keep our classified ads postings clean of Internet thieves We can now assure you that we try our best to make it almost impossible for them to even access our website . That is why we blocked all the ip ranges in us, and send this notification to all our trusted users, such as you. We only want to keep trusted members that follow our rules and guidelines. Please access your account to register your ip address. Craigslist will only require this verification once.
To approve your posting just click the following link and log in your account.

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