If you have no bank account consider a Direct Deposit Card

If you have found yourself in trouble due to bad checks or other issues and do not have a transactional bank account, it can cause substantial problems in day to day life. Fortunately, a direct deposit card can alleviate some of these. A direct deposit card is basically a prepaid Visa or MasterCard that allows direct deposit. More and more employers favor direct deposit as a more convenient and affordable payroll solution, and you may even find some situations in which a paper check is not an option. Using a direct deposit card will not only help you in those situations, but save you the inconvenience of cashing your paycheck.

Many prepaid Visa and MasterCards are available on the market today. Often, there can be some fairly hefty fees for these. You may be surprised to learn that many of these companies waive all additional fees if you use direct deposit to fund your card. Using direct deposit for your paychecks onto a direct deposit card will not only save you time and trouble but money as well. In many cases, you pay a fairly significant fee to cash your paychecks, and this is a good way to avoid that expense.

Some employers are now offering their own direct deposit cards as an alternative to issuing paychecks. These cards can be used at ATMs or retail locations, just as can typical prepaid direct deposit cards. Given the efficiency and convenience of this solution, it would not be surprising to see more employers opting for a direct deposit card over a conventional paper paycheck in the future for those employees not having their pay direct deposited into their own bank accounts.

Who should consider using a direct deposit card? If you do not have a bank account, having a direct deposit card can be a useful time and money saver. You can pay bills online, make transactions of various sorts, or make online purchases with ease with a direct deposit card. Direct deposit cards also make sense for teens that may not yet have a checking account but do have a job. If you are considering a direct deposit card not offered by your employer, carefully read the fine print regarding transaction and monthly fees, deposit fees, and more. Many cards are available at no charge at all if you use direct deposit, so avoid choosing one with fees and monthly or weekly costs.

If you wish to use an actual checking account and do not have the credit then seek asecond chance checking program that will work with your employer.