Free 500 AAdvantage Miles for a 1 min Facebook Survey

American Airlines has one of my favorite miles programs out there so this is pretty exciting to get an easy 500 miles added to your account especially if you need some activity in the account. All you need to do is fill out a 1 or two minute easy survey on Facebook that awards 500 American Airlines AAdvantage miles. You must be 18+ and it is limited to the first 200,000, or until December 17th. Make sure to have all your friends and family who have AAdavntage accounts to do this ASAP! I am not normally a fan of surveys but this is only 5 or so questions that are too simple. Here is the link for the Facebook Survey on the American Airlines Facebook APP. Also, make sure you have one of the many AA Credit Cards here for 30,000 bonus miles.

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