Last Quarter Credit Card Spending to Maximize Rewards

The best way to maximize your spending when it comes to rewards is to make out a plan and look up all of the promotions while you are paying bills for the current billing month. I make a spreadsheet or in this case I just decided to write it out for this blog post and go back to remind me what cards I should be using for what purchases. I plan on using two credit cards from Chase and Discover the most the final quarter of the year starting October 1st. The Discover More Card is offering 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in purchases at Department Stores and for all Online Shopping from October through December. Chase is offering through it’s Freedom branded line of cards a 5% back at airline and hotel purchases and on retailers Best Buy and Kohl’s. I liked it much better last year when it was 5% at I will just use my Discover More for Amazon since it covers all online up to $1,500 supposedly.

Discover is also offering a targeted offer on some cardholders where they asked me if I wanted to earn an extra 2% back on Saturday, October 6th. I believe this is in addtion to the already 5% or up to 1% you are getting on these purchases. “Sign up to earn 2% Cashback Bonus on any purchases made on 10/6/12. These purchases do not count towards annual purchases eligible to earn 1% Cashback Bonus. These purchases must post to your account on 10/6/12”.

Gas Purchases for the last few months of the year will be with my Chase Ink Plus Cash Card. I will get 3% back with this card up to $2,000. I will also be using this Ink Cash Business card for my restaurant, nightclub, and bar purchases since they all count towards the 3% on dining cash back with Ultimate Rewards.

The Breakdown:
Chase Freedom – Air Travel (, Hotels (Marriott, Starwood)
Best Buy and Kohls
Discover More Card – or any online purchases – I may just use this to pay all my paypal bills if that will work.
Chase Ink Business Cash – Gas and Dining (clubs)

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