Introducting Credit & Money Blog

Finances are a concern of many American consumers, small businesses, and even dwell into the family life. Divorces, fights with kids, and many issues can arise if you do not play the personal finance card right. I have always enjoyed money and solving credit problems with regards to debt and am excited to launch this site to share stories of mine and others. I also plan on feeding you the best in credit and money so you end up with the most!

This is my first credit blog and I do not want it to just be about debt or making ends meet but using coupons and saving money. I want this to be a fun blog that changes peoples minds in regards to some debts being a good thing such as mortgages, and be a source that can help you make big decisions or small fashion spends.

Get you wallet out. Open up your safe. Give me your social security number… and lets get started. Ok, you know I am kidding about this last part.

-Saving Sam

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