Say No to ATM Fees even with High Yield Checking Accounts

Choosing a bank is sometimes as important as buying a car or shopping for a home. It can be very time consuming for many consumers since you have to go to several bank websites or go in and out of many branches before you find the perfect bank. trys to help you with this process in most cases so you will have more time to make money to put into your bank account instead of searching for one in person.

When you are looking for the perfect bank account and use the ATM machine all the time you should consider these banks listed in our new top 6. We have developed a list of the hottest banks with absolutely NO ATM fees. Some banks offer free ATM at their own banks but these banks offer it at ANY bank even outside of their network of teller machines.

  1. E*Trade – no ATM Fees – you get reimbursed automatically after each transaction with no forms to send in and no calls to make. This is my favorite because if you use an ATM at another bank and they charge you $6 or so for an ATM you will get that credited to your account. E*Trade also pays a high interest on their checking products.
  2. ING Direct Electric Orange Checking – The highest interest rate on checking account at 5.00% on balances over $50,000-$99,999.99. You may use 32,000 free ATM’s.
  3. Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking – Unlimited ATM fee rebates and a high 4.25% APY. You must open up a brokerage account to get this high rate unless you maintain a balance of $1,000.
  4. Netbank – recently bought by Everbank
  5. Irwin Union Bank
  6. mySmart Cash Account by Fidelty – no ATM Fees and a high interest of 3.5% APY. Disadvantage: You must mail in the application if you do not have a Fidelty customer. Talk about oldschool!
  7. USAA Credit Union does not charge ATM fees for military relatives or active duty or veterans up to a maximum per month.

Bank of America recently raised their ATM fees for non-member card holders from $2 to a higher $3 charge. If you have an ATM card and happen to come across a BOA bank then see if there is a Chase or Wamu bank across the street to save a dollar or more on fees. You may also just go with Etrade account that rebates your ATM fees at other machines.