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Fast Payday Loans

If you need money til' payday or emergency cash our lenders offer up to $1,500 in your bank account in the next 24 hours. No Fax Required!

Click here for up to $1,500 FAST cash!

Click here for up to $5,000 in Cash with no lines or paperwork.


Running Low on Cash?

If you have bad credit and need a high risk loan we are here to help, not turn you away! We offer credit tips on cleaning up your credit and loans to help you just make it to the next payday, apply for a quick cash payday loan. If you need $500 or $1500 overnight we can help you get into that amount of money instantly the same day or next day! These personal loan lenders who will grant you an instant cash advance payday loan with up to $1,500 deposited into your checking account within 24 hours with absolutely no credit checks and silly fax machines to mess with. Some of our offers even include a FREE Credit Report for a limited time!

Here is a list of our picks for the Payday Loan and Cash Advance Services Nationwide:

Secure National Fast Cash - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Short term loans available for emergency cash such as car repairs or unexpected expenses. If you need some quick cash to get you through to next payday this is the site. If you have a checking account in good standing apply here for some fast cash! Your full social security number is NOT needed only the last 4 digits. Get Cash Now!

Programs such as Payday Angels (above) are FAXLESS & PAPERLESS cash advance sources now up to $1,500 US Dollars! These provide short term cash advance paycheck loans when you need them most. If you the bills are due, need repair on your car, need a vacation, whatever the reason! Some may even have to pay past due IRS Taxes on money owed to the government or things such as speeding tickets. Paycheck cash advance loan approval takes only minutes and funds will be available the very next day. If you have bad, slow or no credit, they can put cash in your checking account but keep in mind these loans come with far more interest than a home loan.

Should I order my payday loan online?

Absolutely. You other choice may be waiting in a long line at a pawn shop or cash advance store with the hassle of filling out paperwork.

Worried about submitting to the same payday loan company?

Here is a list of our secondary payday loan companies. We now have a payday loan lender who takes duplicate leads even if you have applied for the loans listed above:

Last Chance Cash Advance Advisor SECONDARY PAYDAY LOAN - only one page form, they take duplicate applications from other payday loan companies, there is No Social Security Number required and no bank information requested!

More information on Payday Loans:

Payday Loans can come in handy for short term cash such as car repair, new computer purchases, emergency cash, unexpected losses and repair work, gifts, or something that you just have to do in short notice that you do not have the cash to pay for it right away. We offer fast cash loans in the United States and more require fax but its simple and you can goto you neighborhood Kinkos or UPS Store (Mailboxes Etc) to make it quick and easy.

Some companies claim to give over 1,500 and no fax loans but that is a misconcept and misleads the consumer. Although we have found that credit cards can give you that amount in cash advances but charge interest on a daily basis on your balance. But of course you must have good credit standing to apply for a credit card unless you obtain a prepaid secured card. Pawnshops offer Car Title Loans, where you take your car title in and risk having your car repossessed giving the pawnshop a right to own your car if you do not pay back the small loan. This option we do not recommend. Your best bet is to try for a home equity loan if you have fair credit and if your credit is ill due to bankruptcy and your are in an emergency situation for cash then apply for a payday loan online to get the money wired to your checking or savings account. Payday loans are safer and less interest than a car title loan but it is always best to try out those lower interest payday loans first. A great tip is to pay off the cash advance as quickly as possible to avoid a roll-over of the loan causing you to pay 60% of the loans value all over again. Payday Loans are a great way of obtaining cash after bankruptcy but if you have good credit then we suggest Home Equity Lines of credit.

With the above payday loan companies you may be approved in under 2 minutes and there is no need to send in a fax! Get emergency fast cash loans for bills, emergencies, avoiding overdraft charges, or just for a special occassion. This is your cash for whatever you need it for. Approval takes only minutes. And the cash can be in your checking account by tomorrow!!

Unsecured Personal Loans and Alternatives to Payday Loans - we recommend you choose alternatives to costly payday loans if you own a home or if you have good credit. If you have bad credit a cash advance on a credit card up to amounts like $2000 (on things like jewelry, electronics, and watches) also may be a possibility.

Looking to get your cash advance loan applied to a credit card? Try our new Fast Cash Preferred Card and the ACE Cash Express card. Read more about Fast & Instant Cash Loans and find out why you could get more money from a new loan trend called installment loans.


Also See: No Fax Payday Loans, Payday Advance Loan, Savings Account Payday Loan | Consumer Note: As we picked the best payday loan lenders we also want to make you aware there are scams out there: cash advance fee scams, payday loan scams.