Drive Faster, Save Gas

Gas prices are climbing to all time highs right now at over $4 for diesel fuel and regular unleaded. The wholesale has reached new benchmarks at almost $120 a barrel. Possible invasion of Iran, Combat in Iraq, Demand, among hundreds of other reasons that gas prices will only climb from here on out.

The purchase of a 2010 Mitsubishi i MIEV Plug-In Electric is unlikely since that will probably not be around until 2009 for pre-order. You can invest your hard earned money in a hybrid car or SUV but that could also only save you in the long term which is not a bad thing.

My tips on saving money on gas might be different that the ones you normally read:

  1. Drive Faster – Find tollways to drive on and pay the extra toll instead of driving down older roads or highways. You can normally drive faster on highways and avoid wasting gas sitting in several accidents or slower traffic congested areas.
  2. Carry Several Gas Cards – If you have the credit then why not. I have a credit card for each gas station I live near so I can get 5-10% cash back at their stations. Exxon, Shell, and BP all offer great credit cards to maximize the money you spend at the pump. I also use the Chase Free Cash Visa at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart purchases and the Chase Freedom Card for 7-Eleven and all other gas retailers.
  3. Get Oil Changed Frequently – Make sure you keep up with the regular maintenance of your car.
  4. Tire Pressure – Make sure your tires are in good shape and are aired up to the proper levels recommended in your manual.
  5. Pull Technology From Business to Consumer – Do all you can as a consumer to contact companies to speed up their technology to get more vehicles such as biodiesels on the road. If you own a RV there are ways to convert it. Ask around and find out how you can convert your car, truck, or RV to take biofuels such as restaurant grease. This will speed up the free market process faster than the government tax credits.
  6. Hypermiling – the more aggressive ways for gas savings.  One hypermiling way to drive is to tailgate the car in front of you using wind and resistance to down power your car.  I would not advise this method unless you have a standard shift otherwise you would have to turn off your car.  They also tell you to over inflate your tires which is also sort of risky behavior.

It is said that gas prices related to consumer spending and that many budget less spending when they go higher. There are many things that go into consumer spending besides gas prices but it does make airfare go higher, shipping, goods, and maybe even some service pricing increase.

This is an exciting time for America as we can learn to conserve foreign oil more and learn creative new ways to gain in technology. Using gas rewards cards, upgrading to toll roads, and biodiesels are the best solution to the gas price hikes. You might even see more people walking and riding their bike… a free diet called exercise!

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