Win Fuel for a Year from Shell Gas Stations

One of my biggest expenses right now happen to be what is on everyone’s mind which is the high gas prices. I have decided to go around and enter every possible contest I can when it comes to getting free fuel. This contest sounds promising. The “FUEL FOR A YEAR” Viral Peer Sharing Promotion from Shell Gas. They are the number one selling gasoline brand in the U.S. Shell is celebrating its NEW formula of Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines with this promotion so they are giving the pricey substance away.

One lucky winner will have an opportunity to protect their engine with free Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines for a full year. By entering now you have a chance to win and also learn how you can increase your chances by the email they send you. The promotion ends 5/5/12 11:59:59 PM EDT. I only had to answer three questions before submitting my entry.

Here are some interesting terms from the contest. The Grand Prize is calculated on the average consumer’s yearly gasoline consumption of six hundred and thirty-six (636) gallons (4.5 fuel purchases per month multiply by 11.77 gallons of gasoline per purchase multiply by twelve (12) months) per year and at the present-day $3.59 (US) per gallon (consistent with the U.S Department of Energy statistics for regular grade gasoline as of February 20, 2012).

Fluctuations in gasoline prices after February 20, 2012 will not affect the calculation of the Grand Prize amount. The Grand Prize will be rounded up to the next fifty and be awarded in the form of forty six (46) $50.00 (US) Shell Gift Cards which may be used for the purchase of gasoline. Gift cards are subject to separate terms and conditions imposed by issuer.

Enter Contest and then come back and get a $200 Cash Rebate from a gas credit card.

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