You can now use ThankYou Points to Make Purchases on

This is the greatest thing since sliced bread… really. Citi’s ThankYou points has been junk for years and not worth anyone’s time if you ask me until now. Citi is following the lead from Discover Card and is now letting you make purchases with Amazon by signing in. This could not come at a better time since Black Friday is next week and Holiday Shopping is in full swing. Ordering from Amazon with the Thank You Points is simple and it seems to be closer to 1 point per $1 purchase than redeeming for statement credits or cash.

You can make eligible purchases with your points, your Citi Card or a combination of both. Eligible Citi cards include all Citi ThankYou Cards, the Citi Forward Card, CitiBusiness ThankYou Card, Citi PremierPass/Expedia Card, AT&T Cards, and Sunoco cardmembers with available ThankYou Points.

Linking your accounts is easy. Simply go to the Citi ThankYou page at and click the Get Started button in the blue box. From there follow the online instructions to link your ThankYou Member Account to your account

Yes, in order to link your ThankYou Member account to your account you must have successfully logged in to or have called Citi’s call center to set up your ThankYou Member Account. If you have previously logged in to then no additional steps are necessary and you can proceed to link your ThankYou Member account to your account.

If you are like me you may have more than one Amazon accounts and may want to de-link so that you can re-link this point sync with another one. In order to de-link your ThankYou Member Account from, you will need to go to the Shop With Points page in Your Account. Click “Disable” to de-link your ThankYou Member Account.

There is no fee to use Points when using Shop with Points at Also, we noticed that the terms state that Citi has the right to change Point to dollar conversion rates at any time.

Update: We discovered that it is not on a 1:1 ratio of point conversion on Thank You and I had 1,825 points which only gave me $14.60 credit on This should have been $18.25 if it would have been paid through Chase, Membership Rewards, or Discover Card. We are once again displeased with Citi Cards as they hold one of the absolute worst rewards programs of all time behind Capital One.

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